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ThisistheCoast.ca – a digital only campaign created by a grassroots creative team led by Richard Hoath and funded by forward-thinking private businesses and supported by all four governments of the Sunshine Coast. My role as Digital Strategist and Social Manager. Campaign was focused on inviting working age adults to explore the Sunshine Coast as their potential new home, and hook them up with a Coastie Ambassador who is a recent transplant to the area for a frank conversation about the realities of living on the Coast and to use innovative storytelling to foster meaningful engagement.

Richard Hoath, founder of the Sunshine Coast Tech Hub, led the project. Strong research and data collection & analysis up front drove the development of content and provided the points of connection for millenials and young families looking for an alternative to living in expensive urban cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

Over the 3.5 month pilot project extensive data was collected via analytics, participant surveys and a community meetup in September where new residents were welcomed by Coastie Ambassadors at a beach picnic.

The iterative structure translates into a responsive digital campaign that refines messaging in response to feedback from potential new residents and the newly arrived in the community. It is values-driven design thinking that is the game-changer of this platform, allowing a community to quickly leverage immediate feedback through interactive content to reach key demographics where they are online at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. The digital campaign approach also provides meaningful and immediate data that can drive decision-making on further investments into print and traditional channels. Test, measure, iterate = success.

If you would like more information about this project, we would love to talk with you and share more details. Contact richard@bigpacificcreative.com or connect@bigpacificcreative.com.

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We use a variety of project tools to help you conceptualize your goals, plan your implementation, develop a content strategy, implement and then measure your progress against your goals for the project. This holds true whether you are creating or redesigning a web site, doing a companion mobile-only site, or working on digital strategy and measurement.

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  • 5 stars review for bigpacific creative Laurie goes above and beyond for our site and social media. Every time I look at the graphics to promote our events, I think 'that has to be Laurie, those images are way above the pay grade of our volunteers'. Our web site is fantastic and it has really changed how volunteers and the public interact with the Salmon Enhancement Society - it definitely upped our brand and visibility on the Sunshine Coast and off.

    David Burnett Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society
  • 5 stars review for bigpacific creative Bigpacific Creative has been my go-to designer, strategist and web support Queen of Geekdom for over six years. If something goes wrong - BAM! - she is there. She keeps me sane and my web site and followers happy. Plus we always have snorkage (hilarity) whenever we get together. Who gets that AND professionalism from their web designer?  

    Colleen Friesen ColleenFriesen.com
  • 5 stars review for bigpacific creative

    Since redoing our web site with Laurie at Bigpacific Creative in 2013 and adding a separate mobile site in 2014, our bookings have continued to improve, and in 2017 every single month was our best month ever. I know for every dollar I invest into my digital strategies I will make an extra 30% return. Our online bookings have more than doubled last year which I can see is related to the web site for sure. Bigpacific Creative created and sent out a newsletter recently and within 20 minutes I had 4 large bookings!

    Jeff Peifer Owner/Operator Pender Harbour Resort & Marina


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