What is ‘digital strategy’?

Do you notice those businesses or organizations online that excel at presenting their brand uniformly across a wide range of platforms and on an ever-growing legion of devices? Or they have a social strategy that complements their web site instead of duplicating it. Maybe behind the scenes they are reviewing their Google analytics to stay on top of what their clients want, constantly adjusting their strategies to capture market share or increase sales. Or maybe they’re just capturing hearts and imaginations through truly memorable campaigns and stories.

This is digital strategy.

  • Custom site design*
  • Branding & print production*
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Infographic development
  • Viral quizzes and ‘shareables’
  • Custom maps & layers
  • Ebook creation (standard & advanced)
  • Hashtag campaigns (Instagram/Twitter)
  • Twitter storytelling
  • Aggregated curated social media
  • Blogging
  • Press release broadcasts
  • Youtube channel development
  • Immersive conversations & stories
  • Report development
  • Integrations with other business systems
  • Direct marketing – Mailchimp
  • Market development
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Local promotion
  • SEO
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Targeted ad campaigns FB & Google

This is my favourite work to do.

It’s where businesses or individuals can really expand their reach and engagement, and it’s where interactions and the day to day can move into the realm of magic.

It requires commitment, at all levels. Time investment to set the strategy and provide the collateral to populate the campaigns, and of course, financial investment. But the payoff can be huge, and it can be a lot of fun.

Digital strategy is goals-based, working towards planned outcomes decided on during the discovery phase of the project. It is an annual approach with work 12 months of the year and billing quarterly.

Pricing is tiered depending on your goals and timeframe; begins at $197/month for basic right up to 10-15k over the first year if you are starting from scratch with a complex web site or comprehensive redesign of your existing site.

I typically take on only a handful of clients every year. I would love you to be one of them.

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