I have an emergency! What do I do?


Your site launch package will contain all of the information you need to access your site and services. It will also list your domain registrar, hosting provider, and any special contractor contact info specific to your custom work. If you are on a monthly support plan you will have access to the project area where you can notify me of the problem and I will respond as soon as I am able (I run a one-person shop – for now) and may be away from my office, but I will look into it as soon as I’m aware of it. If I can’t fix it, I’ll escalate it either into your hosting support or the template developer’s queue and keep you informed.

If you do not have a monthly support package your request will come into my queue and I’ll do a quick triage and then give you recommendations for next best steps on a per-half hour basis. If you want to get express help, you can pay my premium after-hours rate of $125/hr. However, what you can’t do is jump to the head of the line and put everyone else’s projects behind. That’s what the proactive monthly packages are designed to prevent.

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