My site is launched and it looks fantastic. Now what?


Here’s where Bigpacific Creative really shines. I’ve been running a community web site for over 17 years, and I know what it takes to get traffic, create compelling content, encourage social sharing, blast out a press release, send out direct email campaigns, create infographics for viral sharing, and run ad campaigns.

If you’re a local business, the Brand Ambassador package is for businesses I know take care of their customers, have a great energy and interaction with people, and want to be everywhere the conversations are happening. That can mean online, on my portal, on social media, in discussions on high-traffic sites, or even out and about in the community during casual conversation. I get to know you and your business, and the kinds of people and organizations you want to connect with, and I make those relationships happen.

If you’re not local to the Sunshine Coast, the same package is available but is limited to virtual engagement.

Basically, I put my entire network and skillset to work in promoting your business. This is an annual program with a minimum monthly commitment and measurable goals and metrics.

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