What is expected of me as the client?


I will walk you through my intake process and that will help us establish the project outline, and send you a proposal and first stage invoice. This gets you into my calendar and sets the project in motion. I’ll send you a welcome package that will explain how the Bigpacific Creative process works.

Out of that we’ll generate your homework, which is typically getting together your content, images, and stories. This is how we build the foundation of our work together, and we’ll stay in sync with a weekly check-in by phone or Skype (or Facetime if you prefer).

We’ll block your project into the development schedule in our project management tool, Ace Project, and this step happens after the first deposit, and upon receipt of your content. If you want to maintain your position in the dev schedule a couple of things will be key: 1) having all of your content together for one submission and 2) timely communication. This will all be explained in the welcome package.

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