How Bigpacific Creative Works

How Bigpacific Creative Works

I’ve been creating web sites and digital strategies since 1997. I love working with people and organizations who are deeply passionate about what they do and who they serve.

I follow a key principle in all my work:

I believe clients should be free to work with who they want and that they should always have control of their domain name, hosting, and web assets.

I now work full time for an awesome non-profit,, Monday – Friday regular business hours. However, I like helping people who need help with small projects or can’t get on their regular designer’s schedule. I am not looking for new web site build projects, and I wholeheartedly support other designers working in our community and am respectful of the relationships, designs and how your project developed. I’m not looking to suggest changes or take over your site… but everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and that’s the niche I’m interested in.

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