How Bigpacific Creative Works

How Bigpacific Creative Works

I’ve been creating web sites and digital strategies since 1997. I love working with people and organizations who are deeply passionate about what they do and who they serve. I work intimately with my clients to deeply understand the driving force behind their business, to unveil and articulate their story and create a marketing strategy and online presence that not only sets them apart but does so within the time, resources and budget available.

I follow a key principle in all my work:

I believe clients should be free to work with who they want and that they should always have control of their domain name, hosting, and web assets.

I work with you, the client, to really listen to what it is you want to accomplish, and what you need your online presence and marketing – your STORY – to do, and budget for how to get there.

I do full web site development, web redesigns including making your site mobile-responsive, mobile first development, monthly site maintenance & content development packages, full digital strategies, and also offer an affordable monthly wordpress & plugin update program.

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