With http://www.phrm.ca we had a bee-oo-ti-ful site that was blowing the old site’s traffic, engagement and bookings stats out of the water and led to the best year ever for bookings in 2013. However, we continued to be challenged by a unique design highly suited to desktops and tablets – it had mobile responsiveness, but only at a bare minimum. Plus, in reviewing the analytics and in hearing from guests, it was apparent mobile users to the resort web site had very specific goals: Phone the resort; find them on a map; check availability for a room; check the marina for space.   Those site users were not interested in photo galleries specific to each room or amenity, couldn’t look at tables comparing room types easily… they just wanted to make a booking and have an idea of the accommodation they wanted. The Resort saw another significant jump in occupancy with the launching of the mobile-specific companion site that autoloads if a mobile smartphone is detected, and also offers a hot link to the main desktop site.

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