A digital-only campaign to attract younger, working age adults to relocate to the Sunshine Coast through inviting them to explore and connect with Coast communities, and ‘hooking them up’ with a local Coastie who is a recent transplant themselves to talk about the realities of life on the Sunshine Coast. Privately funded for the pilot project to launch date by civic-minded businesses looking to try something different by funding a grassroots creative team to ideate and launch a test project, and supported regionally by all 4 governments for the live months of the 3 month pilot, this has been an unqualified success.

My role on this project is Digital Strategist and Social Management, encompassing generating key ideas for the connectivity of the site between real human beings via the Coastie Ambassador program, unique and leading-edge storytelling platforms, and social media management. I also manage inquiries by people researching the Coast and connect them with appropriate Coastie Ambassadors based on shared interests, experiences and backgrounds.

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