Web Design Services

I work primarily in WordPress, using a variety of frameworks (my current favourites are X Theme, Jupiter and Divi) and professionally developed pro-grade predesigned templates from designers with awesome after-sales support. WordPress projects can be simple or complex, which governs the pricing. All of which is arrived at through our first consult call, the client intake process, and the proposal process.

Here’s what I have worked on with WordPress in the past or currently:

  • basic site setup with customized pro template
  • standard backup and security plugin installation
  • google analytics and SEO
  • membership areas with content ranging from password protected pages to member pages, downloadable products, webinars
  • custom plugin development, through project-managed resources
  • custom design via my professional network of outsourcers
  • blog development with ad network integration
  • custom advanced calendaring for private and public access
  • integrated mapping
  • integrated RSS content
  • ebook sales
  • memoir – ebook creation (in progress)
  • audio content, for free and lossless paid versions
  • site ‘soundtracks’
  • experimental theme work
  • reservation systems
  • ecommerce via shopify
  • ecommerce via WooCommerce
  • purpose-driven custom scripting through project-managed sub-contractors

Most of my sites inevitably include content creation, including writing, shareables, infographics, some photography, audio, and video through talented local production partners.

How much do your web sites cost?

These are ballpark costs as every project is unique, but site development projects range from $1200 at the most simple end to 10k+ for complex sites with digital strategy. All my prices are in Canadian dollars (advantage to US-based clients at current exchange rates)

Do you build sites in anything else than WordPress?

Well…. yes. I can work with almost any tool for DIY site-building tools, but I don’t recommend them because they’re not portable, it’s terrible getting your data out of them, access to backups and past versions is almost non-existent, and they usually don’t present professionally.

I do make an exception for Strikingly.com and SquareSpace.com for quick entry-level or placeholder sites. I have put together beautiful-looking sites at affordable prices and they’re a good way to start if you’re not yet ready for a professional site. They also offer above-average support, but again, it’s hard to get your data/content out of it and you can’t move it anywhere. So think of it as a throwaway investment – if you’re okay with that, it may be an option for you.

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